Freedom comes when we remember who we are

Freedom Comes When We Remember Who We Are

We are born as a human being, connected to our Divine Source. As we grow up, we are put into categories, labeled through culture, religion and skin color. This is how separation is created. Separation from each other and separation from ourselves.

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Plan D The Reset Voyage launch

Plan 'D' - The Reset Voyage Launched

Why do so many highly successful people eventually come to the realization that despite their apparent material success, they are deeply unfulfilled? Many lose themselves on their way to success, and nothing less than a RESET is necessary.

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Will Sage Thought Leadership really make you smarter

Will Sage Thought Leadership Really Make You Smarter?

This resounding response may surprise you. Oftentimes we want instant clarity – on a topic, a question, or a path to follow. We dive deeply inside ourselves, where the answers that come up all seem to be fine. Yet there is always a nagging feeling that there’s more to explore.

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Overcome Obstacles

5 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

It is common to feel fed up with a transformational process, because to transform often occurs after a dark night of the soul. You can sustain balance and attain heightened success with the right mindset; however mastering this mindset takes thousands of hours to succeed.

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Self-Mastery Re-Sourced

Sage Thought Leadership: Self-Mastery Re-Sourced

In this premiere episode, Lisa BrazeIton and Maurits van Sambeek discuss the importance of Self-Discovery through Thought Leadership.

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Growth on the Go

Growth On The Go

Listen to this profound Mystic Minute Meditation. The start of a day begins before rising…The dreams of the future begin before sunlight’s demising…

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Leadership Legacy

Ignite Your Leadership Legacy

Thought Leaders have an innovative and often revolutionary approach to discovering human consciousness, ancient cultures, planetary awareness, global sustainability, business transformation, scientific awakening and the like.

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Calendar of Consciousness

Your Calendar of Consciousness

Nevertheless we have to deal with time, because despite it being a rhythm of change, we perceive it as an illusion of the perception’s full range, to measure our days and hours and minutes to put something at prime.

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Leadership Legacy

Ever Thought About Your Leadership Legacy?

The hard-won acuity that you have conceived, developed and honed over time cannot be left to rot on the vine. It must be nurtured and cultivated and brought to the masses. However, it could take precious time and treasure to cast a wide net and hope for the best; why not intelligently target the very audience most receptive to your offerings?

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Defusing the Confusing

Defusing the Confusing: How Thought Leaders Execute Their Unique Brand

Mastery of messaging means a command of all channels. Among these are the most popular of social media platforms - the places where your following resides. But it could take precious time and treasure to cast a wide net and hope for the best; why not intelligently target the very audience most receptive to your offerings?

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Why is gratitude important

Why Is Gratitude Important

Practicing gratitude helps build and strengthen resilience. Many people understand why gratitude is important because they view it as an appreciation for something received, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. So how does it shape who we become? We have to start by redefining what gratitude is.

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Importance of leadership development programs

The Importance of Leadership Development Programs

66% of US companies have no leadership development programs. Over the last three recessions, industry cut training and development budgets first to save money during lean times, and then continued that practice in the name of better profitability.

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Generational leadership differences

Generational Leadership Differences

For the past 4.5 years, we have been engaged in the practice of educating executives of all generations in the Art of Leadership. As we have progressed by conducting more than 100 mastermind groups (made up of over 1500 people), we have been struck by a most revealing conclusion regarding generational leadership differences.

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Procrastinate on purpose

Procrastinate On Purpose

To procrastinate on purpose is a personal choice and one that should be reviewed carefully. Kept in balance, procrastination acts as a foundation to a puzzle yet to be fully recognized.

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How to boost confidence - 9 actionable steps

How to boost confidence: 9 actionable steps

Find out how to boost confidence and manifest your goals by discovering your own worth. Learn where confidence comes from, plus 9 steps on how to become more confident.

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Brazelton's The Greatest Gift book makes top books list

Brazelton's The Greatest Gift makes top books list

We are excited to announce that Lisa Brazelton’s book, The Greatest Gift, has been included as one of the top 25 books that will make you a better person. Other authors in the list include Brenè Brown, Dale Carnegie and Susan Cain.

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Developing Middle Management: How Companies Must Adjust to an Evolving Workplace Culture

Developing Middle Management

Current business leaders need to WAKE UP and realize that the culture of their workplace is evolving. Younger employees are growing into middle management positions. These new junior leaders expect their companies to provide them with individualized development experiences that help them become forward-thinking leaders.

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Our experiences shape who we are

Our Experiences Shape Who We Are

There are many experiences in life worth remembering, but the experiences that profoundly impact life - the experiences that explode with vigor, delight and power - are the ones that shift conscious awareness, and we are forever changed.

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Sage Prosperity Partners official launch

Introducing Sage Prosperity Partners

Taking leadership development to a new and exciting level for CEOs, mindfulness expert and author Lisa Brazelton of Chicago, along with training thought leader Robert Foley of Boston, have joined forces and formed Sage Prosperity Partners (SPP).

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SPP presenting at Mindfulness In Practice

SPP Presenting At Mindfulness In Practice

We are honored to be on the panel with some incredible experts, discussing Mindfulness and Leadership, and the importance of practicing different techniques for personal and professional success.

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SPP launches website

SPP Launches Website

Sage Prosperity Partners are proud to announce the official launch of their new website at

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