Transforming Multidimensional Cultures

Mindfulness Curriculum - The Multidimensional Self

Mindfulness curriculum - The Multidimensional Self

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There is a paradigm shift occurring in leadership requiring executives to drive business results, while focusing on self-awareness, compassion, and mindfulness within their organization.

The next generation of leadership is here and it goes beyond Emotional Intelligence, as it requires leaders to be WHOLE; a holistic, purpose-driven, mindful being with the wisdom of knowing thyself.

The Multidimensional Self, a senior leadership training program, is geared for Sr. Executives as it lays the groundwork for a metamorphic shift in Consciousness both individually and company-wide. It sets a new standard for a Consciously Centered Culture, expanding across all departments, all people, with combined success of profound proportions.

Mindfulness Curriculum Includes:

The Power of Listening

Discovering Self Awareness

What we say and how others hear us can be remarkably different. The same is true with how we hear others against our inner voice. Learning how to bridge this language gap can mean the difference between being understood in healthy communications, or being misunderstood and diminishing our connection with others.

Embracing Change

Whether we are eagerly anticipating change or change is forced upon us, understanding the process of change can greatly enhance our ability to embrace it. Discerning when to take charge and when to surrender control is the ability to tap into our intuition, and exercise this muscle to navigate with clarity and guide without resistance.

Uncover Your Greatness

We are accustomed to focusing on our faults and feel inadequate when we cannot fix them, change them or eliminate them. We have been taught to look for problems and then focus on solutions. When was the last time you appreciated something about yourself? Underneath the layers of pretense is an extraordinary soul waiting to be seen. Discover your hidden treasures and inner confidence.

The Rest Of The Courses:

The Order Of Life: Be, Do, Have
What drives you in life? What informs the decisions you make and the activities you do? Are you looking for happiness outside of yourself? We have been taught that happiness follows the accumulation of things like wealth, recognition, or connections. What if we have it backwards? Discover how joyful life can be when we put our state of Being first.
Evolving Your Mind
Our Brain is capable of continuous evolution. However, we often prohibit our minds from expanding, locking into negative thinking, complacency or stringent beliefs. Living in a state of fear fosters rigidity and continually destructive patterns of behavior. Throughout our mindfulness curriculum, we learn that we have the power to change and create a new reality by transforming unbeneficial thoughts and re-engaging our creative genius.
Guiding The Mentor Within
Sharing our wisdom with others is a powerful way to give back to the community. Today more than ever, the necessity of guiding another through turbulent times is vital. Our unique perspectives deserve a voice, but not if viewed as compromising our knowledge in competition. When we understand who we are at the core and connect with the innate voice of wisdom, we can also guide our way to profound heights.
Design An Extraordinary Life
We use visualization to imagine our future. However, we don’t realize the impact our thoughts have on the actual creation of our lives in the present moment. This segment of our mindfulness curriculum starts with understanding the power of our thoughts and how to modify our thoughts, words, and actions to match a vibrational frequency to that which resonates a life filled with outrageous joy, abundance, and health.
A Life In Balance
Develop mindful awareness of how we spend our valuable resources of Energy and Time. While time is not renewable, our energy is. Learn how to tap into the quantum field of time, while identifying and prioritizing our values and what’s really important in life. We can create a more conscious way of living, resulting in reduced stress, more joy, and alignment of our greatest aspirations.
Living Your Transformation Daily
Once we begin our journey into self-awareness, we find the world around us has also evolved. The broader world in which we live becomes more vibrant and we feel more connected. We are present, alive, and fulfilled, and our communications with family, community, and colleagues deepen. We become a witness to the evolutionary shift in the collective consciousness, and how we alone serve as a profound messenger for truth and well-being for all living things.