Our experiences shape who we are

Our Experiences Shape Who We Are

There are many experiences in life worth remembering, but the experiences that profoundly impact life - the experiences that explode with vigor, delight and power - are the ones that shift conscious awareness, and we are forever changed. It's in these moments that we become different and are no longer the same person from that experience.

These experiences produce the internal shift in awareness, whether it is a profound insight, a boundless accomplishment, or a delightful, lingering kiss. The end result is the same: transformation from the inside out and the expansive shift in consciousness.

Our heart knows no bounds and when we live, in love with life, we experience these wonderful, juicy moments often. In fact, the more we stay in beautiful vibration of our heart space, the more we co-create the experiences we most want to have, allowing life to unfold with desires and dreams fulfilled.

The path to understanding vibration is vital for soul growth and development. The vibrational frequency of all things determine the state of consciousness, and how we maneuver our energetic alignment to our highest awareness sets the stage for manifesting benevolence.

We need to understand that limiting philosophies and fixed beliefs bring passivity, and that our intricate lives require a balance of responsibility and action fueled by curiosity, creativity and objective discernment. In order to reach higher spiritual benchmarks for the benefit of our lives and our global community, we must push past false barriers of belief and awaken from our slumber. Bridging the gap between how we appear and who we are is a constant mindfulness decision.

Ask yourself if you blame others for your life path, in anguish disappointment and self-deprecating thoughts, or do you move beyond current circumstances and old fixed beliefs, and transcend into the being you are meant to be?

So many people hold tremendous amounts of information, but few know how to integrate that information to transform their own lives. However, when integration occurs in its ever-evolving process, a new level of personal evolution is reached. Once the negativity and fear are almost nonexistent inside of us, we unleash an amazing amount of intuition and creativity to form our experiences of living an extraordinary life. How we choose to experience life's twists and turns will reflect on who we become.

We are divinely guided, and when we surrender to what we cannot control and allow a higher aspect of our self to emerge, something magical happens. It’s the magic of living in fulfillment and deep joy, and is directly aligned with Divine Guidance (Universe/God). Everything we do is exquisitely orchestrated to our highest good, and everything that happens to us in life follows the Ultimate Plan. That plan is perfect. It is both predetermined and self-crafted as we walk through it. It's time to walk into our unique spiritual signature and feel the joy of that profound alignment as we share it with the world.

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Posted by Lisa M. Brazelton
With 24 years of executive leadership and entrepreneurial experience, Lisa believes in the field of human potential and is a facilitator of personal and organizational change. A six-time business executive in Facility Management, Executive Coaching and Training & Marketing, Lisa is dedicated to helping leaders who want to understand their deeper purpose, and unlocking the gifts hidden in the human heart.