Transforming Multidimensional Cultures

Mindful Leadership Training

A 3-Tiered Mindfulness Mastery Program
Guaranteed To Change Your Life

The next generation of leadership is here and it goes beyond Emotional Intelligence as it requires leaders to be WHOLE; a holistic, purpose-driven, mindful being with the wisdom of knowing thyself.
Leadership Assessment

Leadership AssessmentDISC and PXT Select Models

We have successfully built an assessment process that identifies and uncovers a "C Level" Executive's thinking, motivations and engagement aptitude.

Mindful Leadership Training

Curriculum"The Multidimensional Self"

"12 Essential Leadership Traits"

Powerful courses customized for your group or organization

Transformational Coaching

Transformational CoachingOne-On-One Coaching

Discover your creative genius while shifting old programs/habits - accessing your true power


SPP's Mindful Leadership Training will help sift through life’s chaos to find your Personal Nexus; the profound awakening of true inner clarity, igniting hidden gifts to lead better, and exploding potential to exceed your leadership expectations.

Learn the Power of Listening

Understand the Order of Life – Be, Do, Have

Shift out of Negative, Unconscious Behaviors

Learn and Practice Self-Awareness to Build a Conscious Culture

Design an Extraordinary Life

Engage People in a Way That Makes Them Proud to Work with You

Identify with the Five Leadership Roles

Uncover Your Greatness

Communicate with Clarity and with Purpose

Create a High Performance Culture for Superior Financial Results

Decrease in Stress and Anxiety Both in Work and Home

Recognize Barriers in Communication with Others

Utilize the Power of Quantum Time

Integrate Self Mastery

...And Much More

How We Do It

We have successfully built a model that transforms organizational thinking in a way that inspires high performance in Senior Leadership.

EvaluateExecutive & organizational diagnostic evaluation.

EngageIdentifying strategic goals, change barriers & critical success factors.

IntegrateIntegration of new mindfulness-based competencies.

TransformMastering new practices & knowledge ensures sustainable transformation.