Transforming Multidimensional Cultures


Our Vision

Transform the few who influence the many.

We Understand What It's Like To Be An Entrepreneur and Visionary

With almost 30 years of senior executive, entrepreneurial, thought leadership and coaching, we are a team of seasoned leaders and professional consultants who have founded, led and lived in the hypercompetitive marketplace called business.

The Founder

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With over 26 years of executive leadership and entrepreneurial experience, Lisa is a seven-time business executive in Facility Management, Executive Coaching and Training & Marketing. Lisa’s strategic and innovative strengths help transform cultures by creating internal awareness systems in training and coaching “C” level executives. She has an internal predictability compass to discover deficiencies and leadership knowledge gaps, and fine-tunes clear communication channels between teams and individuals.

Lisa believes in the field of human potential, and is dedicated to helping leaders understand their deeper purpose by unlocking the gifts hidden in the human heart. As thought leader and author, Lisa brings a unique blend of business, metaphysics and self-mastery to the forefront.

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We're fortunate to work with fantastic leaders from across the country, igniting their hidden gifts to lead better.

Our Purpose

To awaken leaders to be Consciously Centered and lead Consciously Centered teams and organizations.

Our Mission

To bring multidimensional awareness in mind, body and spirit to leaders by accessing Wisdom in order to Master your True Self.