Brazelton's The Greatest Gift book makes top books list

We are excited to announce that Lisa Brazelton’s book, “The Greatest Gift,” has been included as one of the top 25 books that will make you a better person. Other authors in the list include Brenè Brown, Dale Carnegie and Susan Cain, to name a few.

“All of the authors in this list are brilliant writers and I’m honored to be included among them,” says Lisa Brazelton, CEO and Managing Partner at Sage Prosperity Partners, LLC.

About The Book

“The Greatest Gift” is a contemplation book about how to become the greatest version of our Self. It is a journey into the Soul, pushing the envelope of what is known and finding comfort in the unknown. This book provides tools that may seem insignificant at first, but can lead to huge changes in life. Becoming aware of thoughts and words from the inside out allows fearlessness to emerge; emotionally, physically and spiritually. This book is meant to be read often, deepening the capacity to understand Self, questioning who we are and what gifts we bring to the world.

About The Author

Lisa M. Brazelton is a writer, entrepreneur, healing practitioner and business executive. She is a leading contributor to the field of human potential and a facilitator of personal and organizational change. Lisa has a passion for promoting excellence in others through coaching, training and motivating. She has a proven track record for building organizations with precision and grace, and forming teams that are rock-solid and inspired.

She has spent two decades researching and analyzing human behavior, understanding what lies behind human achievement, triumphs, and determination, and the unconscious programming of fear, procrastination and disappointment. She has studied with some of the world’s leading doctors/researchers in human evolution, biogenetics and neuroscience.

Brazelton is excited to announce the release of her new book, “The Multidimensional Leaders; Integrating Mindfulness, Emotional Wisdom and Neuroscience into Self Mastery,” coming in January 2019.

Buy “The Greatest Gift”

You can now order a signed copy of “The Greatest Gift” directly from Sage Prosperity Partners’ website. Reserve yours today!

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Posted by Lisa M. Brazelton
With 24 years of executive leadership and entrepreneurial experience, Lisa believes in the field of human potential and is a facilitator of personal and organizational change. A six-time business executive in Facility Management, Executive Coaching and Training & Marketing, Lisa is dedicated to helping leaders who want to understand their deeper purpose, and unlocking the gifts hidden in the human heart.