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Leadership Development Coaching

Mindfulness Mastery ProgramEvolve Into The Next Generation Of Leadership

Enroll your Senior Leadership in our 3-tiered mindfulness mastery program guaranteed to change your life.

Mindfulness Speakers

Professional SpeakingFive Critical Pillars To Illuminate Leadership Success

Learn the Art of Mindfulness by incorporating it into your next event, whether corporate, association, education, conference or panel discussions.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational CoachingIndividual Coaching Sessions
Three Month Program

Work with a Certified Transformational Coach to unlock your potential by learning how to pay attention to your experiences, promoting optimal health on all levels.

What Is Mindfulness?

"Mindfulness is a conscious state of being of pure awareness in the present moment of reflection, clarity and intention.
It is listening without judgment, actively passive in the ebb and flow of life, in the exquisite silence
and the ultimate realization that The Universe always moves through us."

- Lisa M. Brazelton

Co-Founder, Sage Prosperity Partners
The Greatest Gift by Lisa M. Brazelton

The Greatest Gift

Transformational Alchemy & Divine Illumination

The Greatest Gift is a contemplation book about how to become the greatest version of our Self. It is a journey into the Soul, pushing the envelope of what we know and finding comfort in the unknown. This small book provides tools for deepening the capacity to understand our self, by questioning who we are and discovering the gifts we bring to the world.

"I highly recommend this author and anything else she publishes!"
- Amazon Reviewer

Wisdom From The Edge Podcast

Latest Episodes

We are proud to announce our newest broadcasting forum, Wisdom From The Edge, designed to bring cutting edge thought leaders to the forefront. Discussions with experts in the next generation of leadership, innovative thinking, global sustainability and consciousness are the focal points in order to help awaken humanity and transform the few who influence the many.


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Press Release | March 27, 2018
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Mindfulness in Practice – Implications for Leaders & Organizations
at Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago | March 6, 2018
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What Research Is Saying

One study found that two weeks of mindfulness training increased well-being, decreased emotional exhaustion at work, and even increased job satisfaction.

93% of leaders reported that mindfulness training helped them create space for innovation, and nearly 70% said it helped them to think strategically.

Recent research reveals that mindfulness training makes an impact on organizational culture and effectiveness. Most compelling of these comes from insurance giant Aetna, which developed an internal mindfulness training program with much support from their CEO.