Developing Middle Management: How Companies Must Adjust to an Evolving Workplace Culture


Current business leaders need to WAKE UP and realize that the culture of their workplace is evolving.

Younger employees are growing into middle management positions. These new junior leaders expect their companies to provide them with individualized development experiences that help them become forward-thinking leaders. Developing leadership bench programs existed in past decades, but are now nearly impossible to find, especially for key leaders. Most were dropped from company budgets due to the economic downturns of 2001 and 2008, and it shows. People are drowning in work because companies are not willing to spend money to develop employees to accelerate the right people to the right positions.

What's really going on in your company?

Here are some complaints from today's Middle Management:

  • Little if any formalized succession plan in place
  • Antiquated thinking within an organization
  • Lack of leadership tools to be an effective leader
  • Suggestions are not taken seriously
  • Companies lack authentic vision
  • Transparency needed in upper management
  • The need for honoring people not metrics

If companies are going to survive and thrive in the coming years, current leadership needs to address the above issues by developing bench leadership programs for their new management staff.

The time is now to lead organizations in a new way. A way that rejects negativity and embraces a vision based on a positive outlook, devoid of stress and filled with exciting directions that are both innovative and forward-thinking. A vision that rejects the ways of the past as that former view only scratched the surface of true success because it was based on resistance energy.

Developing Your Future Leaders Starts NOW

A new and swelling army is gathering just beneath the surface of our companies. This group rejects the premise that we work to live, and instead believe that we work because it gives us satisfaction, purpose, and the pride that our workplace is "The Best Place to Work".

The boardrooms of our country have paused to consider the value of promoting female rather than male leadership. Current leaders understand that their company's current and future customers are Millennials. Times are changing. Companies must be sure their Millennial team members, who make up much of middle management, are ready to lead so their company can service that economic powerhouse generation whose attitudes are far different than those of preceding generations.

The rules of engagement are about to change regarding the way a company looks at its workforce with its generational, gender, ethnicity, and value creation directions. These rules will call for total transparency, a requirement by its customers to better society, and a call for business practices that recognize flexibility in the way it deals with its workforce's unique needs.

Only the “enlightened” will change fast enough to be rewarded with the next generation's business, loyalty and support. All hires need to be developed and are uniquely different, even if they have common business knowledge.

Two Choices For Talent Development

What is the most time-effective way to develop the talent you need to move your company forward? There are two primary options: you can pick a traditional academic solution, or a practical, real life output solution.

Sage Prosperity Partners development and coaching programs support the next generation of leadership. Our methods are tested and proven:

  • We don’t engage a process, we engage people.
  • We are not PhDs pontificating on conceptual thought. We are former CEOs who have been through it; we’ve lived it and have developed programs that speak to the growing need of leaders today and the future.

Download a very important document outlining our complete Leadership series for Millennial's called the "12 Traits of Leadership". This series is the beginning of a solution on how to successfully make the shift into an enlightened world of stellar management.

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Posted by Lisa M. Brazelton & Robert T. Foley
With 40 years of combined CEO experience under their belts, Lisa and Bob are seasoned leaders and professional consultants who have founded, led and lived in the hyper competitive marketplace called business. They have successfully built a model that transforms organizational thinking in a way that inspires high performance in Senior Leadership.