Transforming Multidimensional Cultures

Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

We have successfully built an assessment process that identifies and uncovers a “C Level” Executive’s thinking, motivations and engagement aptitude in a way that uncovers their ability to deliver high performance results.

Further, these instruments help us to evaluate the likelihood of desired job fit and any behavioral gaps that exist in successfully completing the mission.

Assessment Process

Evaluate: Executive & organizational diagnostic evaluation. SPP administers a battery of assessment tools that gauge cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests.

Engage: Identify and measure the reaction to strategic goals, change barriers, and critical success factors (as laid out by the client) by conducting F2F, rigorous interview sessions.

Integrate: Cross-reference all data and human impressions to create a transformational success projection.

Transform: SPP assembles the results and creates a perceptive composite of our findings. The conclusions and recommendations are then presented to the client.

Assessment Output and Methodology

Sage uses a large set of interview questions and subject areas combined to povide a comprehensive findings report on each candidate. There are 92 questions and 9 subject areas, specifically Creative Thinking, Customer Service, Flexibility, Adaptability, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Organizational Stewardship, Personal Mastery, Systems Thinking, and Technical Skills.

Deliver hands-on evaluating approach

Provide performance reporting

Design of a structured, behavioral-based interview and rating system

Understand individual and group composite profiles

Interpretation of reporting from a CEO perspective

Extract value for each individual

Debrief and conduct F2F session of each executive member, providing direction in developing strengths

Provide group analysis (unidentified) for executive team to understand overall strengths/differences