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Exclusive Online Awakening Program

30 Day Thought Leader Legacy Initiative
Exclusive Online Awakening

Imagine what Online Thought Leadership Mastery would look like for you

Gain greater relationships with Global Influencers, strategically Differentiate Yourself from others, reach Higher ROI on your content, and actually Live Your Legacy in JOY now. We help Thought Leaders become Visionaries through wisdom, ease and flow...

Do you want to become a recognized influencer that people want to follow so your expertise becomes revered? Do you envision being a true Thought Leader, helping people reach greater heights and inspiring them to fly?

What once felt impossible is now possible with our Exclusive Online Awakening Program!

We begin with The Thought Leader Legacy Initiative.

This unique|focused 30-Day program is a mastermind, consulting, coaching, publishing and marketing initiative all in ONE.

Unlike anything else available today, we provide specific Thought Leader tools for YOU to have breakthroughs while WE build your online presence. HOW?

We begin with laser-focused coaching as you embark on a personal transformation. Next, we work on a customized eBook. Then, we strategize your unique voice with the best practices by helping build your brand awareness. Within four weeks, your tailored eBook is ready. As a bonus, we help extend your online audiences through social media management.

In a nutshell, we become your one-source Thought Leadership Partner so you can LIVE your Legacy NOW, while continuing to hone your genius. Support and streamlined services within one organization saves time, energy and money.

5 Reasons Why Our Program Works!

Partnering with experts who have "been there, done it" is Business 101

We have an unprecedented, combined experience as author, publisher, coach, speaker, mentor, branding expert, thought leader, content developer, strategist, entrepreneur and senior executive in one organization, which we believe is key to our clients' success. We understand first-hand the invested time and resources needed to create a successful brand and market it, while moving through transformations necessary for personal expansion and professional advancement.

Becoming and partnering with influencers can be one of the most profitable decisions you make for your business

One study showed that 22% of marketers surveyed considered partnering with influencers the most cost-effective way of obtaining new customers. In addition, becoming an influencer with your unique voice builds online audiences who serve as an asset to your brand. We help you by crafting brand content that simultaneously reaches the influencers while appealing to the masses.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself, connect with your audience, increase brand loyalty and sell your vision

Storytelling strategically differentiates you from others and your eBook can be the perfect vehicle to position yourself as an expert. If you consider, we are all uniquely different and each one of us makes decisions based on our emotions and justified with logic. Then sharing your story across multiple platforms builds deep connections and trust with your audience. This can be done through video engagement, continued publishing, and being a guest on podcasts.

Transformations happen when you least expect it

Thought leaders tend to have the answers, or at least know where to find them. When it comes to managing the wild social media and marketing world, it can overwhelm, demotivate and frustrate anyone who loves the inner world of contemplation. Transformation happens when surrendering control over what you don't know takes precedence. Wisdom comes when you, as the leader, also become the student. Our profound coaching program sets the stage for this to happen with a deep dive into what it means to gain self mastery.

Provide value first

Always remember customers don’t like being "sold" to, but they love to buy. And your eBook is one surefire way to increase the strategic reading of analytics that can dictate the direction of your content offered. We help you by creating demand for your content as well as targeting the decision-makers, as they will pay to access your well-stated vision.

First 30 Days Outline

What Happens Inside The Program
self reflection

Consulting 75 minute call, walkthrough of Questionnaires

Business Basics for Online Success

  • Platform: Social Media Management Initiation. We start the service after briefing.
  • Presence: First Posts Done-for-You in alignment with your brand’s message.
  • Positioning: Your Unique Thought Leadership message for the eBook defined.
  • Preparation for Profits: Getting you ready to handle the new contacts, bookings etc.
    => Think about what email address, phone number, business backend systems you want to use for your new success.

Points of this Package:

What you have gained after these 30 days…

Profound Presence on Social Media done-for-you, in your style and signature.

Your Own Personalized Self-Growth Manual for easy use and ongoing growth.

New Tactics to Reach your Greater Success Goals to profit from your eBook, from your social media presence, from your increased confidence, and from your crystal clarity on your grander vision for life!

After 30 Days...

You will have a stronger, established Unique Online Presence, and:

Harmonic, consistent and streamlined content aligning you with the right people at the right time.

Follow-up documentation, summary reports, and transformational worksheets you will use along your journey in a package prepared for you.

Clarity from deep dive visioning, strategic and goal-focused action plans, and personal breakthroughs preparing you for your next steps.

Options on additional SPP offers helping you grow your business, support through continued coaching, and other social media management services.

full length ebook

Full Length eBook

Publishing an eBook is a powerful way to build branding, generate leads, and offer valuable knowledge to a worldwide audience. This unique 10K word eBook includes a cover design, interior formatting and publishing narrative for a professional look and content.

What You Can Expect

  • 1 custom tailored eBook, written in full
  • Up to 10k words in length
  • Research and content development
  • Written to match your brand
  • 2 revisions included
  • Regular communication with questions and updates

What We Need From You

  • Sources or recommendations of where to start research
  • Audience overview and tone overview
  • General goal of the eBook
  • Cover design preferences
social media management

BONUS: Social Media Management

Social media marketing is a highly profitable opportunity for businesses, but the DIY way is hard, and hiring someone to manage your accounts full-time is expensive. Not anymore! With this BONUS service as part of your package, you can receive incredible social media results without the hassle, self-management and time spend with our professional, one stop service.

What You Can Expect

  • A dedicated social media account manager
  • Responses to messages and posts, flagging inappropriate comments (when applicable)
  • Engagement and analytics report
  • Regular updates on progress each week
  • Suggestions for profile optimization (if necessary)
  • Customized to fit your brand and style
  • Repurposing past blogs
  • Create new blog
  • Shares on curated articles from other experts

What We Need From You

  • Access to social media accounts – safety and confidentiality are extremely important to us.
  • An in-depth survey to help us match your branding voice & develop a social calendar to establish varieties of posts, topics and style.

This Incredible Exclusive Program Values Over $15,000
But for a Limited Time, We Are Offering It for $4,995

ACT NOW and receive for FREE ($1,000 value):

  • Unique video trailer on your eBook
  • Audio version of your custom eBook
  • MP3 recording on all coaching calls

** eBook and Audio version will be slotted in the Amazon Marketplace making it available for recommendation and magnifying your exposure 1000-fold.

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This incredible exclusive program values over $15,000

$4995Limited Time

Fabulous Features

  • Personal guidance, strategy and coaching from our expert trainers and coaches
  • Exponential growth in online presence without hassles of self-learning and self-management
  • A dedicated internal team working on and supporting your creative vision
  • Introduction to other Exclusive Members
  • PR on our Sage Prosperity Partners social media platforms upon completion of 30 days
  • Fully designed eBook
  • Rapid results on financial investments
  • Delivered marketing materials that you own
  • Access to our Thought Leader Mastermind LinkedIn network
  • Additional services in coaching and management available, as well as exclusive offers on other future programs
  • BONUS - Professional marketing and Social Media Management on all 4 platforms

Benevolent Benefits

  • Increased clarity in life and Realize true potential
  • Cease living on auto-pilot
  • Alignment with passionate purpose
  • Released stagnant energy and joyful feelings of new found success
  • Signed copy of "The Greatest Gift: Transformational Alchemy & Divine Illumination" - by Lisa M. Brazelton
  • Refocused attention on your creative genius
  • Time for contemplation and inner reflection
  • Improved self-worth and relationships with others
  • Meditation practices and other techniques to help sustain your transformations
  • Deep insights from transformational coaching work
  • Powerful connections and ongoing support after program
  • Recognition, prestige, reverence and inspiration

We are only taking a small handful of like-minded, like-hearted leaders for each session.

Come experience profound transformation. This unique 30-Day program is a mastermind, consulting, coaching, publishing and marketing initiative all in ONE.

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Advanced Programs and Subscriptions for ongoing services will be available upon completion of the 30 Day Thought Leader Legacy Initiative.

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Do I come up with the topic or is that done for me?
Do you provide revisions on the eBook?
Will the writing match my brand?
Is design included with this service?
Will the e-book be unique?
What type of content/posts will you be posting on my accounts?
What do you do on a regular basis for my social media accounts?
Can I use this for multiple/different businesses?
Is this for established thought leaders or new to the public?
What if I'm in the _________ market can you post specific _________ content?
Does this social media management include the growth engine aspect?