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Mindfulness Speakers

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Learn the Art of Mindfulness by incorporating it into your next event, whether corporate, association, education, conference, or panel discussions.

Mindfulness has become a hot topic in business and leadership over the last couple of years, with the focus of breathing, meditation, and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Sage Prosperity Partners' mindfulness speakers bring tremendous knowledge and experience to the field of Mindfulness through captivating stories, extraordinary techniques, the latest scientific discoveries, and much more. Some of the topics discussed are:

Time is the New Currency

What we spend our time on determines our personal ROI and its affects on our daily lives. Discover new techniques for accomplishing more by tapping into the invisible influence of time/energy, and how to utilize it to our greatest advantage.

Understanding the Science Behind Mindfulness

We find ourselves flooded in metrics that determine our benchmarks for success. The latest scientific discoveries provide astounding evidence on how the brain and body respond to Mindfulness practices, such as redirecting hard wiring patterns in the brain, and recognizing unconscious thoughts which no longer benefit us.

The New Leadership Paradigm

Mindfulness is the most important ingredient to building a holistic and cutting edge leadership program. Mindfulness mastery is the way to true leadership in today's world. Intense pressure and expectations are put upon leaders to perform and produce, but until the integration of Self is mastered, leaders will fall short of success.

Change the Way You Think

Identifying potential triggers and moving around them with clarity and a different perspective can position us to lead with exceptional results. The ability to have foresight, allowing the opportunity to see a problem prior to its manifestation, holds the key to profound leadership.

Emotional Intelligence2 = Emotional Wisdom™

Self-Awareness is no longer the zenith of intelligence. Emotional Wisdom™ is the ability to take awareness, combine it with successful real time experiences, and understand its deeper meaning as a whole. From this position, we can direct mature solutions and communicate to inspire the masses.