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Leadership Training for Managers

Leadership Training for Managers

12 Essential Leadership Traits

Sage Prosperity Partners has long held the perspective that time is the new currency. Where we spend our time will determine our personal Leadership ROI. When we invest our time positively, engaging teams with empathy and trust, the benefits both individually and collectively initiate profound results.

Sage Prosperity Partners offers the most unique 12 Trait Leadership Training for Managers program for ascending managers to the next level of success.

The program works with a small mastermind group where managers garner intellectual leadership concepts, test these concepts immediately through facilitator led exercises, and finally apply the concepts to real time workplace challenges.

Courses Include:


The core of any successful team revolves around Trust in their Leader’s ability to project Integrity, competence and compassion. Without Trust there is no team, but simply a collection of individual contributors inconsistently producing dysfunctional output.


Every effective Leader must have a Vision that is clear and compelling, translating into Reality. Implementing that Vision allows a team can rally behind it, believe in it and be passionate about it. Vision without execution is failure.

Effective Communication

“A good leader is a good listener”. In order to Effectively Communicate, a Leader must ponder communications from their team first (Intrapersonal), and then share their thoughts with a trusted team member for feedback (Interpersonal). Responsibility and clear communication pathways are essential for a team to thrive.

Additional Leadership Training for Managers Courses:


Leadership Roles

Resolving Conflict


Emotional Intelligence


Power of Persuasion

Organizational Transformation

Leveraging Time